Saturday, August 23, 2014

WATCH: Johnny Manziel Finally Shows Cleveland Browns Fans Some Johnny Football Magic

Cleveland Browns fans have been able to watch Johnny Manziel play a couple of games so far (Saturday night's game against the Rams No. 3). So far what they have seen is a young quarterback going through some growing pains as he learns a new system. What they have not seen is the exciting, young playmaker that lit of the college football world the last two seasons.

They have not seen Johnny Football--till now.

via BroBible

He's done some running the last couple weeks, but he's looked a little stiff each time. Kind of like he's thinking too much about his slide and not enough about just playing football. You know--what me him famous.

Perhaps with the pressure of possibly starting taken off his shoulders he can finally relax and play like the guy the Browns drafted.

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