Thursday, August 7, 2014

WATCH: New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham With the Fake Reverse Lay-Up TD Celebration

The No Fun League has taken away his favorite touchdown celebration--the goal post dunk--but that is not going to stop Jimmy Graham from expressing himself. In a recent practice he did go ahead and dunk one over the crossbar, and since they had refs that day he was promptly flagged for it.

Whether he agrees with the rule or not, he is going to have to abide by the rule or risk hurting his team. That doesn't mean he can't test the limits a little like he did during Wednesday's practice.

That brings an interesting question to mind. If he had let the ball roll off his fingers and over the bar would he have been flagged? It wouldn't be a dunk, but would a lay-up be included under the 'spirit' of the rule?

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  1. Thought the rule stated a penalty issuance for using the goal post as part of any celebration...

    1. Hadn't heard that, but it would explain why he faked it.