Sunday, August 24, 2014

WATCH: San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Gets Eaten Alive By San Diego DL Corey Liuget

The preseason is really just glorified practice. It means nothing. Teams often run a very vanilla form of their offense in order not to give away anything to their future opponents. That being said it still has to be a little concerning how bad the 49ers offense has looked over the first two (and most of a third) of San Francisco's preseason games.

Especially the league's newest big money quarterback--Colin Kaepernick.


To be fair to Kaepernick he has not played a lot I any of the team's preseason games so he has not really had an opportunity to work his way in to a rhythm of any kind. However, while that can explain some things it does not explain all.

For example--ball protection. In the first two drives of Sunday's game against the Chargers he coughed up the ball. The 49ers only lost it once (his knee had already touched the ground on the other), but after giving him a bundle of money it has to be concerning.

Or maybe it is just the preseason being the preseason. How many times have we seen teams dominate during this time of year only to suck it big one the meaningful games started and vice versa?

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