Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are the Houston Texans Missing Former Quarterback T.J. Yates? [GIF]

When the Houston Texans traded quarterback T.J. Yates to the Atlanta Falcons part of the team's history went with him. He did win the franchise's first playoff game during his rookie season, but since than he just didn't have much to offer. After barley playing in 2012 he was given a quick hook in 2013 after imploding against the Rams in mid-October.

He never set foot on the playing field again, but after watching some of his play during the preseason (and seeing some of Houston's QB play) you have to wonder if maybe the Texans wish they hadn't traded him.


During his rookie season he didn't exactly light it up when he took over for an injured Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart. At the time he was able to manage the game, but as fans saw in the playoff game against Baltimore he was not able to win it. Why he wasn't given more of a chance during last season is a bit of a mystery (I don't recall him being injured and can't find anything that says he was).

That left the competiton for the job in 2014 between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum with a raw Tom Savage in the wings. After watching them play during the preseason it's pretty easy to see why the Texans traded for Ryan Mallett.

However, after watching some of T.J. Yates play had they kept him they wouldn't have needed to. He played well against Miami, not so well against Houston, barely played against Tennessee, but than threw for 243 yrds and two touchdowns while completing 75 percent of his passes in the preseason finale against Jacksonville.

Yes, it was just the preseason and yes it was only Jacksonville, but have you seen the Houston offense lately?

Yates wasn't great, but it would be better to have him at least backing up Fitzpatrick. Right now Ryan Mallett is the No. 2--and he's barely been on the team a week.

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